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Saturday, November 15, 2008

money found money earned... even if it is only

$1.59 found in the middle of the street ... on a panera bread gift card. WOW... I love finding money. I'll ask the neighbors around me first before using it on my next trip to get a yummy salad.

Monday earned this past week was 19.00 on toys that were extras around the house and or toys that J did not play with anymore. Craigslist ROCKS! Thanks buyers.

so 20.59 in one week earned, found is not bad.

How is your week going so far?

This money is going towards buying J a WINTER coat. realizing that she does not have one that fit her anymore, we are in a heap of trouble with this cold weather setting in. Looking for a 2T Winter coat if you know of any, please drop me an email. I hope to find one at the resale shop today, but email me if you do know of anyone selling theirs.

Have a WONDERFUL Saturday.

off to watch DH in the pool with J for her swim lessons since our yard sale we were suppose to have was canceled due to cold and wind.


beagle said...

I just got a Britax $280 convertible car seat for $$47.99!! At taget.com with free shipping! I'm counting that as $230 earned! N. is going to outweigh his infant carrier before Christmas.

tubelessstl said...

beagle, Holy crap, that is one great deal on that car seat. I love me a bargain or two like that. Sweet. I took pictures of J in her infant seat and then another one the next day in her new big britax we got a few months back. Cute to see how she is growing. Make sure you take a picture or two if him changing seats.