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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I did it, I went and got it all cut off

Yup.. SHORT hair cut. I LOVE IT. It only cost $15.00 (plus cash tip) at Great Clips! WOOHOOOOOO. (Dang it, I could not find a coupon for a cheaper rate, Ha)

No more 47.00 hair stylist on my list (yes, I use to pay that much way back when and that is why I had over 5 inches cut off my hair(read) because I couldn't afford that kind of costs anymore in like forever now).

Now to give myself that 60.00 color treatment for $3.00 in a box. Tomorrow's agenda includes this treatment mentioned. DH will even help me if I can't get the back of my hair really well. Good doobie he is to me!

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