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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

thanks to my local friend... Welight Watchers is my new LIFE

Yes, I am back at Weight Watchers after a few year break. I had to do this for me and for my family, especially Julia. And with my friend holding my hand, we weighed in last week (my first for me and her 2nd in a few weeks) and we both did ok this week going back for our first official weigh in ..
for me:

first weigh in 11/4/08
2nd weigh in 11/11/08
total lost : 6 lbs

3rd weigh in 11/18/08
.4 lbs lost... not quite 1.2 a pound, but it is a loss nonetheless!!!
4th weigh in 11/25/08 (Oh the dreaded date before Thanksgiving dinner IF YOU BITE IT WRITE IT NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COST> )

5th weigh in 12/2/08

6th weigh in 12/9/08

7th weigh in 12/16/08

8th weigh in 12/23/08

9th weigh in 12/30/08

Those dates will get me through the toughest time in the year to eat. Eat Properly, Track, Drink that water, Take a walk around the blok (or blogs) and keep busy from not eating that sweet treat .... LIMIT yourself. Be your own motivator. Set Goals.


Jannie said...

I'm sure you'll do great!

Losing weight is hard, from on-going personal experience, I very much know this!

I persoanlly enjoy the South Beach diet cause I can eat all the protein I want.

beagle said...

You are so smart to do the PREholidays!

(I may just have to get my old trackers out and join you!)

tubelessstl said...

Jannie, I need to do two or three weeks of the South Beach Diet (also known as a close replica of the WW's Core program), but I just miss my breads to much. LOL

beagle, I promised mysself I'll stick with this until after the New Year. So far this week, I am up 2 lbs. UGH... maybe it is hormonal or maybe it was the fast food I ate this weekend(oops). hehe