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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks for that phone call from PAT

T , a fellow in town mom and blogger, mentioned PAT on her blog and that reminded me to note that we FINALLY got a call back from the local PAT rep.

We have a meeting in our house on March 26th at 6 pm with the local St. Louis parent educator at our house. I am excited to finally get to meet them, but dang it took so long for them to get back with me. I called them in the beginning of January and they called back and left me a message stating that several parent educators had left the organization, Thus it would be a few weeks before someone got back to me. Well after several weeks they did call and we booked an in person meeting finally.

I am eager to learn things I can help teach our daughter and excited to watch her grow from our learning and teaching her new things.

Has anyone ever attended their Parent group meetings? If so, how are they? What should I expect from the meetings?

I have always dreamed of being able to invest in my child's future by helping her learn and be creative. What an exciting thing I can share with her, as well as DH too. We waited for so long for her to come into our lives and now I want to make sure her eduction and skills are continually growing and shaping her for a functional future in our society. I had a strict catholic education for 12 years, but I did not follow through with going to college until much later into my 20's and 30's. I want to show our daughter that she can attend what elementary school fits her needs and whatever college can help her attain the education she deserves. I know, you might be thinking, "gosh, tubeless is sure trying hard to plan out her daughters future already when her daughter is only months old", but I defend myself in knowing that if you set your mind to something (especially things family is proud of), such as a great education, then you can achieve that and enjoy life too!

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