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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday ramblings

I can't get myself into blogging much lately due to being busy with a job change at work and a very very busy little girl in our household. We also went to a fun trivia night for IAS and had a blast last night.

Today we (Julia and I) went to the new Jubilee Church to see if I would like the service and let me tell you that after being raised a catholic all my life (up until I was told I was a sinner for doing IVF to try and have a baby) this service was NOTHING like that. No old style Latin mass, but more of a worship and praise for our connection with God. I do believe in God and I do admit that I lost my faith in God when I was having all of our miscarriages and losses, but lately I am seeking out a place of worship and I think I might have found it now. I do pray at home all the time, but I also enjoy a congregation gathering too because the support can be so healthy if I find the right place.

baby stuff mentioned below....

I love being a mom and I can tell you that DH loves being a dad. Julia is such a wonderful happy child. She is quickly growing out of the infant stage into a beautiful 5 month old (27th) and has quickly developed skills for staying sitting up after we put her in a sitting position and playing with her toys. She loves to grab her feet and loves to grab EVERYTHING and put it into her mouth to chew on. She does not have any teeth, but she sure is biting hard on everything. Oh, she has also started grabbing toys and accidentally knocking herself in the head or face and making herself cry. She realized in the last few days that if we leave the room, she is lonely and cries for us. I love it.

ok, off to bed.

I promise to post more this week. It is sometimes hard to post in the evenings because dh goes to school monday nights & bowls tuesday nights so those nights are dedicated to Ms. Julia time. :-)

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katd said...

How exciting to have maybe found a new place to worship!! It's SO hard to find a church home. We've just started attending a church that sounds similar to yours, and we love it!