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Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Five (things to never wish upon anyone else)

1) I am allergic to shell fish so I can never (until medical science can find a new contrast) have a full CT Scan due to being allergic to the contrast dye they use to inject into your system to have the Cat Scan work fully to find out what is wrong with you, if anything. (I could not have a full ct scan when admitted to the hospital on Feb 2nd. anaphylactic shock is not an option for me to undergo this type of procedure. )

2) I can't ever have a flu shot. I am allergic to the carrier that the flu shot is in. (which apparently this flu shot given this season does not cover 3/4 of the strains of the flu out there, so it wouldn't have helped anyway according to the CDC.)

3) I am a bad stick for IV sites. Just ask the nurses at Des Peres Hospital. My poor right arm still aches.

4) Having the flu just after abdominal surgery is not the best feeling. Mother nature is cruel in having one sit on the throne and heave in a bucket at the same time!

5) Having surgery and the flu in the same week is not the best way to lose 10 lbs.

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