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Friday, February 01, 2008

bye bye gall bladder

I was rushed to the hospital by some co-workers yesterday due to another gall bladder attack. It started around 9 am with pain and belching really bad. I finally gave in around noon and asked my boss to have someone drive me and my car to the hospital. Within a few hours I was taken back to surgery. My blood pressure had reached 170/111. They asked me if I was in lots of pain... Well Hell Yes. So at 3 pm I was in surgery for about 1 hour. They were able to get it removed through the laporoscopy (did I spell that right? After years of Infertility and surgeries one would think I could spell the type of surgery I had.

Ok, off to bed.

Oh, while I was at home tonight sleeping the pain off, DH woke me up to tell me he and Julia were heading to the hospital due to Julia having wiggled out of her strap on the changing table. DH said he had gone to let the dogs in while she was on the changing table and he said he heard a thud and crying. Ugh. He just called and said that she checked out ok. I called our social worker from our agency to let them know and to ask a few questions about reporting this. I am sure she will have a bump for a few days, but thank goodness she is ok.

Ok, I am ready for some sleep. I'll post more tomorrow on both of us.


Mutha Mae said...

Bye bye gall bladder! You are going to start feeling so much better soon. It will be such a relief, trust me!

Anonymous said...

ouch! for all three of you...glad you are on the mends....glad Julia's okay and I'm glad your hubby will get over felling bad about her falling. It happens. My hubby cried for about 30 minutes after Baby J rooled off our bed and she didn't even hurt herself....