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Monday, February 11, 2008

socks and thumbs

How the heck can I find socks that stay on my daughter's feet? I have found the hide-a-socks (booties) are best, but now she found her feet and tends to pull them off easier. Her feet are skinny and long with no good heel bulk to keep socks on. So we fight trying to keep them on by pulling long knee high type socks over her pants if the outfit does not have built in feet. How do I combat this? I know, not a major issue, but should I invest in some shoes (like robeez) to use over her socks? Will the robeez be too big? Do they make them size 0? I know some say to not put shoes on a baby until they can walk, but what did you do to keep their socks on?

My daughter has found her thumb. Interesting that she did not suck her thumb when first born, but has not picked up the habit. What is up with that?

off to the doc tomorrow for myself. I am thinking I have more going on in my chest (lungs) and don't want to know if it will cause more delays in going back to work. I'll post more tomorrow. I see both the primary doc and the surgeon for post surgery check up. My incisions (scope port holes) are healing up finally and my abdomen is not to sore, but I continue to fight this flu and I think bronchitis now. I don't have the level of energy yet I wish to see, but I know that will come in time. Those danged antibiotics I got by IV sure killed my taste buds and due to that I have lost another 2 lbs. Since surgery I have lost 11 lbs. WoW.

Cheers and be careful out there if you are having the nasty weather we are here in St. Louis.


Two Lines On a Stick said...

When they say no shoes, they mean no hard soled ones. Soft ones like Robeez, Jack and Lily, Pedipeds, and Bobux are fine. I'm sure there are some other brands out there too. Bailey has a pair of Robeez that she wears mainly to keep her socks on. The smallest size is 0-6 months.

liffey said...

we just go sockless most of the time. i watch to make sure his feet are not too cold, and he's fine. once it warms up, it's fine. he didn't wear socks all summer! jennifer said her girls don't wear socks either. :) we find that a few of the bigger pair tend to stay on better (same big feet, no heel.)