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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eff you Tyra...

Apparently Tyra Bnaks put out a call for a future show.. Oh I can't wait to find out when it is on so I can tivo it and then get on every resourceful phone, email letter writing jog I can to rip her a new ARSEHOLE. I hear words flying throughout the infertility community that Tyra did wrong by those on the show that were really there for educational purposes and those people got rubbed the wrong way by her and the producers. BIOTCH Let me at her. Dare her to hurt our cyber friends this way. I am waiting for a new update from one of their blogs to tell me when the show airs. I'll post it for you too.

Now if I watch the show and Tyra really does in good heart help these ladies/men struggling to building their families, them I'll take back my words, but from what I get out of the cyberworld info, it might not be a very nice show ... maybe one of the most offensive shows to us in the Infertility, Miscarriage, Adoption communities.

Adoption for some is not a cure all for those with infertility or miscarriages.

Surrogacy for some is not a cure all.

Heck, do you really know what it costs to go through 5 fresh IVF cycles? I do

Heck, Do you really know what it costs for a gestational surrogate? I do, I did my research. go ahead and ask me in a comment here. I'll tell you what my research found in the cost department that this Average Joe household income can't even touch with a 500 foot pole.

Heck, Do you (Tyra) know how wrong it is to tell an infertile couple to "just Adopt" Oh let me tell you that Oprah made that mistake and made an uproar in the IF / Adoption community. The wrong PC thing to say to any couple dealing with losses of fertility and miscarriages and failed adoptions. Just wrong.

Producers of these types of shows, shame on you for not interviewing the infertile couple out there first before diving into a show and really making some bad judgement calls on topics and such.

Ok more on this later when I find out the date that Tyra Banks has scheduled her show for.

if you have heard of when this show will air, please post to me here.

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petunia said...

oh B - I got on her website and found any space I could make a comment. I wrote a scathing paragraph saying "how dare you" and "you should be ashamed" and what if this were your wives and sisters"...etc. I wrote it out of shear anger...but some flunky will probably read it and delete it before anyone of any note/higher rank can see it. - ARG