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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bahahaha.... A birthday funny

this was posted to me in a forum I belong to. TOO FUNNY.

Yes, a young 38 I turn today. It was a great day of being pretty lazy. I slept in, Thanks to my DH! I woke up to my daughter smiling at me from her daddy's arms. I had fun being a lazy butt on the couch and some on the floor with Julia playing on her blanket. I did do a few loads of laundry, or at least started them. I got the new U2 Joshua Tree collection (funny thing was that DH wrapped my gift up in Julia's blanket! hahaha too cute.) and I have a birthday cake waiting for me that DH baked. Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. It has an Over the Hill candle that plays the funeral march song (dh is funny!ha) and a Little Mermaid candle and two candles to show my age, but DH was trying to be funny and put the candles on there to say I am 83 instead of 38. Bah

One of the most precious gifts I have today is our daughter, Julia!

Thank you for a great day and weekend of celebrating. We went to the movies to see Juno on Friday night, we went to dinner at Latawata Creek grill in IL last night and today was a nice day at home. Ahhh. I wish I had taken tomorrow off to sleep in again.


Mutha Mae said...

Happy birthday OLD lady of 83 years, hahah!

Joseph Politte said...

Happy B-Day!!

Karaoke Diva said...

Happy happy birthday!
From all of us to you!
Happy happy birthday!
From your blogger crew!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a great way to wake up! Happy Birthday!!!

And Baby Makes Three said...

I was just stopping by and read that you went to Latawata Creek in IL...how was it? We've been wanting to go, but didn't want to drive over there if it wasn't worth it!

Harmony said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad it was a good one :)

tubelessstl said...

Yes Latawata Creek grill was FABULOUS

go try it out. for 3 of us to eat dinners and soda for ddrinks... it was under 40 bucks.