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Friday, January 04, 2008

Daddy's little girl

(this post jumps all over the place, sorry to make you try and keep up)

I swear, Julia has her daddy wrapped around her little finger! She loves sitting on his chest facing him and talking to him. It is so cute to watch.

Julia has found her voice and loves to exercise it both is joy and frustration. She surprises herself with high pitched sounds and then gets excited after she hears that pitch. LOL Today she was in giggles talking to her daddy and her grandma. Grandma said she loves talking to Julia the most when she is on her changing table. Yes, something with the changing table transforms Julia into a chatterbox. She lifts her legs high into the air and then chatters up a storm. Waving her arms around too, she is almost telling us a fun story.

Julia ate her first real serving of Rice Cereal with a spoon. Oh she took to it right away. I got it on video, but honest, I won't post it here due to those that like to critique my house> LOL We were undecorating from Christmas and it was messy. I sat her in her bumbo seat with the tray attached and she took the first little bit and spit it out, but then she quickly smacked her lips asking for more. I tried and she did take it in and swallowed it. I continued to give her little 1/4 baby spoon fulls. She ate it up. Watch out. The girl has an appetite to beet the bandit. Now we will do her cereal with a little bit of a bottle at night. Not to help her sleep, but to satisfy her hunger. She is ravenous lately.

This coming week I will make my call to Parents as Teachers.

This coming week I hope to get to the root of all of the toys in her nursery she got for Christmas. Yes, I have not opened them all yet, nor gotten batteries put in all the toys yet.

Hey, a question for fellow moms out there. Is it worth purchasing rechargeable batteries for her toys? or should I stick with just buying Duracell? (yes, I have proven tested most of the techie equipment at work works best with Duracell.

We hope to be able to celebrate a late Christmas in the next week or so with Julia's birthmother and family. I hope she calls soon. I miss seeing them.

I must say, after waiting so long to become a parent, Julia has made my Holidays so much brighter and so much more enjoyable. The empty feeling of missing a child in our lives has been filled. Even DH said tonight "She makes our lives complete". Ahhhh.
I will say that I look forward to having her on my hip for celebrating my birthday next weekend. Fun.

Oh, I need to plug a trivia night. If any of you are interested in a fun trivia event, the local Infertility and Adoption support group is hosting a trivia night in February. Please go to their web site to check out coming details. Post here or email me if you need details.
I can't wait.



Karaoke Diva said...

For toys that she plays with very frequently, I would definitely recommend rechargeable batteries. We have to recharge the ones for Gavin's music player (Fisher-Price) every few days because he listens to it so much. That would cost a lot of money if they weren't rechargeable!

katd said...

I second the rechargeable batteries! We have a bunch of them for Lily's toys.
Congrats on the start of solids! :) We have pics of Lily's first attempt. They're so funny!

petunia said...

Our problem was she didn't have too many with batteries and they all had different ones AAA,AA, C and D. I waited to see what she would play with the most but it just didn't seem worth it for us. As she gets old I may resort to it.