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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

baby, u r a star but mamma is falling apart

I flunked my hidascan for my gall bladder. Ejection/fraction rate for the dye to leave my gall bladder was only 17% and it should have been more than 70%. So I have to schedule surgery soon. After having 5 abdominal laproscopic surgeries related to my infertility, I know what it takes to prep for surgery and recovery, but I just hate the idea of any surgery on my body!

My daughter is growing like a weed.

At 4 months 2 days,
she weighs 13.1 lbs.(50 percentile)
she is 25.5 inches long.(80percentile)
and has a 50 percentile head circumference

my poor sister is sick too. man, we all need some healing vibes

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Beagle said...

sending healing vibes your way . . .