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Sunday, September 16, 2007

without your support

keeping my spirits going forward, keeping my chin(s) up, keeping eyes focused on the good, you all have been helping me do this. I can't thank you enough. You tell me this will all be worth every moment we have waited, you all tell me that the pain of the many years of infertility will be showered over with the love our future child will give us. You have all given me the reminders to stay hopeful that our ultimate goal will be reached......... Parenting.

Becoming parents is what it is all about. Our journey to have a child we can teach, love and laugh with no matter the way they came into our lives. Adoption will be that path and what a blessing it will be. Trying at times, but well worth every moment.

We went into fertility treatments thinking a biological child would fill our lives, but after seeing 9 angels go to heaven we knew becoming parents was our ultimate goal. You all have helped us inch miles closer to that dream.

Seeing a woman(birthmother) making this decision of making an adoption plan is of the most surreal experiences in my life. DH's too, I am sure. I will never fully understand what a birthmother goes through emotionally let alone physically carrying a baby she knows she will not be able to parent at that time in her life(his too, for the birthfathers out there). I will never pretend to understand it, but I always ask our potential birthmother to feel free to talk to me if she wishes on how she is handling this from her side of things because I do care to be her listening ear and shoulder to lean on. She said she gets sad thinking about what is about to transpire in her life, but yet she knows she can trust us to be the best possible parents to her baby. Her emotions must be all over the board right now and for some time to come. Ican tell you our emotions are up and down and sideways most days. How blessed we are to be matched with her, to be able to talk with her, share our backgrounds with her and to have been blessed to see the baby by ultrasound. I want to know so much more, but I will let nature takes its course to let the conversations flow as they will to enlighten us to who each of us are, how we grew up and how we plan for the future in an open adoption relationship. We expect ebbs and flows.

this week I plan on putting up the crib, cleaning out and organizing the nursery and craft rooms and getting paperwork ready for my potential family leave I will take from work. I hope to take a full 6 weeks off, of which 5 will be unpaid(ugh) so I need to ramp up my ebay sales too.

It is Fun being busy for a good reason!

Thanks for being here for us


Mutha said...

Thank you so much for sharing this experience with all of us. Oh please oh please let this work out!!

stljoie said...

This sounds so positive...I'm so happy for all of you.