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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

babies galore (adoption update at the end)

yup, in abundance.

My guppy (fish) had babies this morning. To venture a guess as to how many, About 23 of them. This brings the total of baby guppies born in this house to about 75 in the last 2 weeks.

OMG. What the hell am I going to do with all these babies? Well, I do have to mother them to an extent(read: feed them and clean out their poop) so maybe, just maybe this is some sort of preparation for me to become a mommy myself one day soon, right? Ok, shake your head at me and laugh out loud as you all might think I am insane to try and compare guppy rearing to human baby rearing, but for some odd reason I think of it as more of a "nesting" phase I am going through. Heck, I can't be normal like most pregnant women and "nest" so instead I will prep for the birth of our future baby by mothering in other ways for now.

Oh who the hell am I trying to kid? At least I can say I am a mommy to some babies!

So DH called our potential birthmother(pbm) tonight. It was nice to have him lead off the conversation. I love that he is as involved with this all as I am and on the same level as I am with the emotions. Thank the Lord above for us being able to talk openly with our pbm and thanks for DH leading the call tonight.

As of right now, our pbm has one more doctors appointment before her due date on the 25th. Induction is most likely going to happen on the 25th if our pbm does not go into labor before that.

A potential date. Ok, this is starting to make me think of things that we need to prep to get ready for this blessing. Also, I often wonder how our pbm is handling the emotions of this all and she told me tonight she is doing ok, scared of labor and anxious to see how she feels when she has the baby emotionally not only physically, but she said she knows she will be sad to an extent and happy for us at the same time. She wants to see us become parents. I can't help but wonder what her side of the experience is going to be like. I know my heart aches already thinking about the moment the baby is born for the pbm. We want her to be ok emotionally, but honestly if she is not sad and does not cry we would be worried for her. I know the social worker we have through our agency will be there for her in an instant if she needs to talk or just have someone sit by her through this all.

We have yet to get confirmation on how the hospital deals with adoptions, but from what I hear, it is an overall good experience. No, I won't tell you where that hospital is for security and privacy reasons. :-) I'm sure you all understand some of the privacy issues. Our social worker is trying to get in contact with the hospital social worker and we hope to hear about that contact soon.

Ok, rambling. enough for tonight.

Cheers for a safe 2 weeks for our pbm.


stljoie said...

this is so exciting...a real nail biter.

JennyK said...

I'm cheering for all of you. I so hope this goes well for you and the pbm. September babies are really great, btw. ;-)

Mich said...

ah, babies! September is a good month for birthdays, that's for sure.

Our hospital experience was a little odd--we were invited by the bparents, and given bracelets for nursery access--which was INCREDIBLE. But the hospital wouldn't let the agency social worker show up until 24hrs after the birth. We didn't know that though, til after MAM was born and we were wondering what was going on.

So I'm glad your SW is working on getting in contact before the 25th! A plan is always a good thing.

Dana said...

My heart is so full of happiness for you two. It's almost surreal that it's almost here! I can't wait to meet the little sweetheart!

petunia said...

I keep checking in and it just gets more exciting every post!