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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is there such a thing as nesting

With never being able to experience pregnancy ever again (hysterecomy May '06), I will never be able to go through the so called "Nesting" phase a pregnacy induces. Or so I have heard that happens to expectant mothers. BUT the question I have is.........Is it still possible for an expectant adoptive couple to go through the "NESTING" phase too?

This past week I have had my mom and sister come over to help re-organize the nursery. See, I had things in the crib still from last years (June '06) baby shower my family threw us. Brand new, unopened items. Plus many other acquired items from friends and family and yard sales that will help get us through the first few months of life of our first child. So we took down the old broken crib, put up my nieces nice convertible drawer below crib. Then we moved some furniture around, rearranged drawers of clothes and divided them out into rubbermade containers per age specific size. We hung up some cute outfits in the closet (Hubby hung some nice clothes racks in there for more space last year). We vacuumed and then all enjoyed looking at the nursery.

Wednesday night I had my mom over to help with some ebay items and we worked on trying to organize the sewing / craft room downstairs. Tried is the key word. We did not get very far, but at least we got started.

Is this nesting?

send some labor vibes to our potential birthmother if you could! She is doing well, some cramps, some minor contractions off and on, but nothing steady enough to kick start full labor yet.

I'll write more later on a recent visit with the pbm and her daughter and meeting the pbm's mom. I can say that having an "open" relationship has been very interesting, yet comforting at the same time. Open can mean many different levels of openness so it has been interesting to see our relationship develop through the past few weeks and months. Things have gone well, moreso than I ever expected. It will be educational to see how the future (past birth and placement) develops for us as a new "extended" family to each other.

Cheers to a nice weekend. I promise I'll update ASAP.

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Mich said...

oh you can absolutely adoption-nest. I totally did...I cleaned all sorts of random things!!

Here's hoping for a smooth delivery in the near future!