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Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't run that Yellow or RED light at hampton & chippewa

Yes folks, the police cameras are in operation at the corners of Chippewa and Hampton. DON'T RUN THE LIGHTS THERE. My husband was the lucky recipient of a 100.00 ticket in via mail today from the St. Louis Police Department Traffic violation enforcement department. They caught DH and his truck running the Red Light on camera. The picture of his vehicle is as clear as a blue sky and they were able to zoom in on his license plate with the best picture I have ever seen. LOL

Those cameras are both on the stop light overhangs and there are separate poles installed on 2 of the 4 corners that house special click cameras that catch you running the lights.

Yes, DH is at fault and he is agreeing it was a bad thing he did, but he is now laughing about it because he knows he was caught red handed running that red light. There is no denying that via the pictures the violation page had on it.

It took the Violations Enforcement department about 1 month to send the violation "Ticket" to DH in the mail so folks, beware you are on camera and being watched every where, every day now!


Oh, btw, this ticket is a Non-Moving violation so it won't go as points against his drivers license, but man, 100.00 is steep.

Oh and btw, if you have a relative that is a cop, forget it, even they can't get that ticket fixed. Heck, my uncle-in-law(a cop) said he knows of a city cop that has 2 violations against him right now from this same camera system and he too can't get out of the tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ellen K. said...

I got a warning letter for turning right on yellow at that intersection earlier this summer. I have to admit -- the pictures of my car "caught in the act" made me laugh, too!

Congrats on your new one!

Anonymous said...

The city has also set up cameras at Hampton and I-44. I got nailed for not coming to a complete stop making a right on red coming off of East bound 44 on to south Hampton. I've been driving for over 30 years and I have made the same rolling stop check for traffic and continue. The unfair thing about it is I would do the same maneuver in fron of a dozen cops and I would never get a ticket. My ticket showed me with my brake lights on and all the other traffic that I would have to be concerned about stopped at the lights. It shows I was moving at less than 5 mph. Apparently driving with commen sense in a safe manner isn't good enough. This system is nothing but a money grab at the expense of the public. If they need to raise taxes to police and maintain roadways fine, but to set up a predatory system to bilk good drivers is unethical. The companies who install the system are receiveing a big chunk of the revenue generated which I have a problem with as well. Some private enterprise is taking the money generated by this BS system and lining their pockets with it.

I'm just venting now...it's about all I can do besides sending $100 off to the city. I wonder if I hang out around the court house and follow a couple judges driving home with my digital if I wouldn't catch a bunch of them making similar maneuvers to mine, in their cars. If I took proof to a prosecutor, wouldn't they have to issue the same fine as they issued to me?