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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

what is that song name and melody?

good feeling.........

I sat at home tonight listing more stuff on ebay and realized I am a Mother-to-be in waiting. Yes, I am considering myself as expecting and dang it might take me more than 9 months of expecting to become that mom, but hey... I will enjoy it while it is happening.

Stroller bought and put together, THANKYOUVERYMUCH... I did it by myself.. DH sat and watched me. MEN! Argh.

Ebay sales.. so so so far. Hmmm, looking for a picture hosting web page I can list some items I want to sell(hint hint... XMAS is less than 6 months away!!). What site can I use for this? not those like Shutterfly etc... but one that anyone can look at without an ID and password and then can email me to make bids on things. ????

OMG.. What the hell has happened to our St. Louis Cardinals? is it possible to lose 8 games in a row? well it is sure looking like it. We are playing like poop against these good american league teams. Lord Help our Loving Cardinals ...

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