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Monday, June 19, 2006

I was good, I promise....

I left the house and headed toward S. County BBRU. I went in and returned the duplicate diaper champ I got from there(other one I got was bigger and from target). I put the amount of the item onto another gift card we had received. Nice balance added up on that card. I did look at pack-n-play's, not going to buy one yet. I also did not find a baby book, you know, the kind that you can log info into from day one.... will look online for one of them. I totally forgot to get Thank You cards there. Ooops. I looked at changing table pad's and will go back and get one this week some time. That is one thing I wanted new, like a stroller. Then I looked at bathtubs and restrained. See, my cousin might have some things to hand down to us so I will restrain from buying until I can get out to her house.

Stop # 2 was Petsmart.. OMG.. thank goodness to for my petperks card! I saved 7.00 off the 3 items I had to get .. cat food (science diet for my 13 yo kitty) and purina one for the 3 tuckered from playing pups and then a box of cat liter. ALL on my pet perks reward discount!

Then I went over to the plaza next to the BBRU and found the Once Upon A Child store. Man that place is packed. I don't understand why those resale stores don't expand into a larger space. Packed to the hilt. I did not find any pack-n-plays in there, but I did spy a bassinet... but a lady in there grabbed it up very quickly(it was a new tagged item) because she saw the bargin price they had on it. Nice. I did not buy one thing in there. It is more for a time when we finally have a baby in arms and can go by sizes. Can't wait. I will watch their prices because they can be somewhat high for things.

Next I went to target and returned the dup. bouncie seat we got. Added that balance to a gift card we got and that card will now cover the cost of the stroller. Just waiting on the 10% coupon for target from applying for that RED instore card to buy that! I love coupons and what the heck. (I won't carry a balance on that card, promise! the interest rate is over 23% .. gulp!) but at least I can get the instore coupons to use and then walk over to customer service and write a check for my card balance. hehe. I did not find a new changing table pad there at all. Hmmmmm

I did get some Zout and a Clorox(sp?) pen to use on the baby's white clothes. I used it on some HMD(hand-me-down) burp cloths and man it took the stains on the white part out as I was rubbing it in with the pen tip. Sweet. I am a baby clothes cleaning lady now. Watch out. I love learning new tricks and Thanks to all my friends in the cyber world and my sister for the stain get-um-out tricks.

I then went food shopping and I will be honest with you that most of the time I am a coupon shopper but today I was very upset that there was only 3 items on my list that had coupons to match. hmmm. My goal when I go grocery shopping is to buy items (no, I don't always name brand shop!!) that have coupons that add up to cover the amount of taxes I have to pay for my total grocery bill. Does that make sense? So if my taxes on my groceries is 6.22 then I try my hardest to match that in coupons or even go above that if possible. Well today's taxes were 5.88 and my coupons added up to 2.49 so I covered some of it. Booohooo. hehe. My theory on taxes is that coupons are out there to cover the taxes if you are a really good shopper. Thus I try and shop Tax Free! Thanks to the manufacturers. Hey, do you do any online coupon free sites? if so.. please share their url with me. please?! (thanks Mol!)

So I did the first full load of baby clothes and gave DH the basket full of them to fold. LOL... I forgot to tell him to divide them in stacks by months. 0-3 mo, 3-6 mo, 6-?? months. hehe. I put them in the dresser finally. YEAH. A baby room is really being used for the right reasons now. ha. Now to hunker down and paint that dresser/changing table to match the decor. Yes, I only have this week left b4 I go back to work from medical leave and I still have not painted that dresser. Ms. Procrastination here!

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Momma Mindi said...


You are so industrious! I am so happy that you are having so much fun getting ready for your little one. Can't wait to read that you have him/her in your arms.