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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Party it was

indeed. We had a great time. DH had to wear a homemade Smock my mom made... it had baby nipples as his nipples, long salad tongs to help dispose of dirty diapers, mask and eye protection for those dirty diaper changes, diaper rash cream, Barney bib and Barney paci clip. (Now remember that DH hates Barney... oh, did I never tell you that? It is true, he believes Barney is dead(oh my, cover your kids ears if you are reading that out loud)). So it was fun thanking everyone there in their support for our new journey in life to add to our family through the beautiful love of adoption.

I did tell a few people that just b4 the party we had gotten an email with the potential situation that we had to decline(see post below) and let me tell you there were even more supportive of our journey then knowing it could happen at anytime possible. They told us all to hang in there and that to believe there is the right situation out there to come for us and I really truly believe that. DH and I are really feeling good about things. Sure, we have to prep for the possibility of many months before a match, but knowing we have such a wonderful support system out there, we are not giving in hope.

So I did get some duplicates of bouncie seats that I get to take back and apply those credits towards this graco stroller we need that goes with the snugride baby carrier we did get. Then we need to buy a baby bath tub, changing table pad(we got a cover as a gift, but not the pad, hehe) and a one other larger item, I can't remember what it was. I am sure i will think of it later. hmmm.

Diaper bag, lots of crib sheets, microwave bottle steamer cleaner, blankies(some homemade by long time family friends), baby lamb(so soft), car seat protector covers, diaper changing table organizer, bottles, wash clothes, diaper champ, some diaper wipes, ointments, and lots and lots of gift cards to both bbrus and target. SWEET. I am so thankful for all the wonderful gifts and support.

THis week i need to take back a few duplicates and buy that stroller and tub and then find room in the nursery to put the items we did get and store a few things for when the baby gets here. I love it. Thank you to everyone!!!

Off to enjoy the Cardinals game today. more later.

so one last edited note, do I really need a diaper warmer ? I keep my house cool in the summer and cool in the winter, I am hot blooded and have to! would a diaper warmer be warranted?


Sarah-Lynn and Andrew's mom said...

yHey Becky..

My two never had a warmed diaper or wipe on them and I don't think it scared them. I had one from my sister and stopped using it the day they came home.

IMHO it is one of those items that looks like it would be great, but really isn't necassary.


JennyK said...

Absolutely unnecessary. Save the $$ (or return the gift for credit towards that stroller)...

KD said...

Not only is it unnecessary, but they mold very easily since it's a constantly wet and warm environment. We tried to use one for a while, but in no time the little spngy thing you put in the bottom (supposedly to keep it from molding) would get all kinds of nasty. Not something I want to be wiping on my baby's nether regions.