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Sunday, June 25, 2006

ebay sales

why is it when I want to list items on ebay I get a seller that lists the SAME exact things for next to zero dollars to start the sale off with when I wanted to list mine for at least 3.00 or even 5.00(which is what I paid for it!!) Ugh. So I listed one item and then decided because of this .99 cent BANDIT that I would hold off on listing my items until later this week.

My luck. I know that person is just trying to make money too, but when you have an item that sells for STARTING bid of at least 5 or 6 bucks and SHE lists them for 99 cents to start RIGHT at the same time I list mine, then I won't get the bids and she will. FRICK.

Ok, "So Jaded" said I needed to start a Tooth Fairy pillow business. Hmmmm.......... fun. Just need to figure out our costs and then see what the items should sell for to cover materials and labor. Good grief, I hope this works out. Themed items or custom?

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