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Sunday, June 04, 2006

a penny here a penny there

spending the next week working hot and heavy on some fund raising ideas.

What fund raising ideas can you throw my way?

I have been saving soda and beer cans from family and friends(if you wish me to take them off your hands I would be glad to come by and grab them tomorrow or next monday!!! just blog me here and I can come by locally!)

I am going to start taking pictures of the items my mom has been crafting and creating .....ladies.. think of xmas gifts(heck it is almost July and I have friends that start their xmas shopping in July!) so come back in about a weeks time to see if I have my links up yet of those nice handmade items. Lots of fleece items for kiddo's and some fun items for us adults, think mardi gras and st. pats day themes and such. She also makes custom orders so I will promote her work here soon.

I had my yard sale 2.5 weeks ago and made at least 200.00 bucks clear.. not much, but hey it helps pay towards the next step of the adoption process, THE MATCH FEE of $2500.00

I am making lots of fun beaded bracelets this weekend while on vaca and hope to sell them soon.

I found some good bargains at yard sales this weekend and plan to put them on Ebay soon too. Hey, are Kenneth Cole purses worth much to anyone? hmmm, might have to keep them for myself(one does have ink pen marks in the inside but the other is in pretty good shape(and I got them dirt cheap). I found extra nursery decor and I plan on listing that on ebay also(pieces I already have). That stuff is selling like hot cakes on Ebay these days. WOW.

I am going to start talking up the idea of me starting to babysit again. Yes, I am For Hire. And think of the funds going towards a great cause, OUR FIRST CHILD through the wonderful blessing of adoption soon!

I was thinking of asking my niece and newphew to help me do a car wash soon at the local repair shops lot, it would be on a busy street so maybe that could bring in some good customers. FREE Car Wash, but donations accepted for a good cause, OUR ADOPTION fund.

hmmm, what else? Are there any other things I can do to use as a fund raiser?

Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.
and no, I am not begging for money, I like the idea of having worked hard for every penny here and every penny there! Just like idead to help out.


KD said...

Are there any local shop owners who would let you put up a donation can? Even if it's just somebody's spare change, it all adds up!

Millie said...

Maybe you could start an Ebay store with your mom? Promoting her creations? I know there are some folks who do custom work and sell a lot of stuff there.

Good luck with the fundraising.

Pitypat said...

What about a pizza card - you sell then for $10 each and then they get buy one get one free for a month or two....check with a local pizza place - good way to promote themselves too. You can tell them you will give them $5 for each card you sell. (or whatever).
Plastic bands for the wrist? You could put "I helped adopt" or something and sell them to friends, family, church members, even stand outside walmart.....
What about Oprah?write her your story...can't hurt.