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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mid-day ramblings.

only 3 more full days b4 I go back to work. I am ok though. I have been off since the 20th of May and I have enjoyed it. I am about 95% recovered from surgery and have finally gotten the OK to ENJOY the physical relationship with DH now. I am scared because I am physically different(no cervix) and I wonder if there will be pain associated, but that is to be found out and Not sure if I will report that to you if it is GOOD news. Bahahaha

Onto Ebay sales. I am shipping out one of the sold pillows today. I am awaiting payment on the other pillow. My mom is making more pillows as we speak and I hope to have them listed by Sunday at the latest. I have 2 or 3 small pampered chef things to sell too along with other John Lennon Real love nursery decor items that are extras and I don't need. Looking to make at least a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand on ebay (as long as my buying habit stops!!) to help fund the next part of our adoption process. 2500.00 for when we are matched with a birthfamily. Yet to happen, I hope to pay cash for that and not have to put that on the loan. So right now as I stand I have reset the Fundraising thermometer to 15.00 earned on the pillows(after ebay listing and paypal costs) of 2500.00 needed. Oh.. wait. I have 100.00 donated to us from family when we had our baby shower too. Sweet. so 115.00 towards 2500.00. I am still collecting aluminum cans etc... so if you have some.. drop me a line here and I will email you. I will gladly come pick those up. Even if it adds up to 20.00 a month in cans recycling then I am making progress. Ask your neighbors for me, please? I will supply the trash bags if needed too. I need to go buy a can crusher and install it on the side of the deck outside to keep the bags tidy.

Oh, might start a photobucket account to list some things for sale (REMEMBER XMAS Is less than 6 months away!!!) by not posting them on Ebay. I can try and link to those pictures from my site here and then you can email me if you wish to purchase by cash or Paypal. I am in full fundraising mode now. Also, what if you need to sell something and Don't have the time to list it on Ebay? I can sell it for you for a small (very small ) fee. REALLY!

Ok, off to tidy up the house b4 I start a long day with Family events. (wish I could go to the zoo today). Then dinner with more family and 2 friends. (KD... sorry I can't make your party... will you take an order from me?)

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