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Sunday, December 18, 2005

without naming agency names, yes it does cost that much to adopt

after returning home from a day of shopping and a support group meeting this Saturday, I opened up the mailbox to find a packet of information I had requested from a local adoption agency. Name withheld..... This packet explained they were sorry for the photo copies of all information enclosed due to revamping their packet at the moment. I understood that, but did that mean that the prices were going up soon? Well, after reading and pondering the options, I told DH that the base price for the adoption would be 18,000. Yes, 18,000.00 ... that is the base, not including the home study and a few other costs. OUCH. But I kind of suspected this with this agency. Now I await the second agencies packet of information. I will also send out emails to about 3 other contacts to find out more information for their services. This is all so new to me and kind of exciting because it is like becoming an investigator to find the right fit for us. Very interesting, enlightening, and involved. I like that. It will keep me busy for at least the next 2-3 months and by then we will hopefully have an agency or option picked that best suits our needs and hopes.

I am excited for DH too. I told him of this first agencies packet options of infants and race and he did tell me that he is very open to a biracial baby. I am thankful he is as I know that there are loving babies out there to be welcomed into our hearts.

Oh, the books that arrived in the mail the other day, I have started reading the one of Adoptoin after Infertility. I am actually enjoying the reading of it. I will continue it and hope to finish it off this month and then pass it onto DH to read too. Nice to know it is ok to grieve our loss of never having a baby ourselves, but glad to know we are not along in longing for a baby and fulfilling this dream through adoption now is great.

Cheers to a good week and Happy Holidays to everyone.

off to go read.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but $18,000 for a caucasian infant is cheap cheap cheap. Ask around, and I'm sure you'll find that's true. Sorry, I know that sucks. I think the mean cost of a caucasian adoption is somewhere around $38,000.

tubelessstl said...

It is amazing to know that other agencies do work on a sliding scale, but we make their higher end of the sliding scale so it is a base price that is 18,000 and I expected it to cost around 20-25 with other agencies. Crazy isn't it? BUT we will do this eventually. Maybe not early 2006, but maybe early 2007. WE WILL BE PARENTS. Let me tell you that saying that is so exciting. WE WILL Find a way to do this.

CHEERS to Money making missions I am on now. LOL

averyjenn said...

Hey girl - If you are thinking of a particular agency in St. Louis - the one Linda is going through - you should talk to her before you sign ANYTHING. She had a BAD experience with them. Hugs to you friend. I lost your email addy or I'd email you...