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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

March 2006

that is my new goal for looking at the time frame for selecting the route we will go about for adoption. Agency, lawyer, etc... DH and I talked last night that we will be looking into mid-March for the submission of our application to an agency or if we will go though a lawyer and then start the home study process. This is HUGE for me because I am a goal oriented person. I have to have dates set for things. I need that focus to be able to remain positive.

Funding will come in many forms. I am trying to think of a way to make some funds without having to get an in store second job. I read about 4 blogs last night that all had links to paypal and in subtle context they asked for your donations for the funding of their adoption... And I wonder if they really have ever had donations. LOL It is one way to make money for funding the process, but should I do something like that? I feel like I would be begging.

We will find a way though to do this. I will be finding things to sell on ebay or local yahoogroups. WE will do this. WE WILL. I know in the spring I can do a yard sale and that will bring in a few hundred to use towards the home study. Hoping on our Tax refund and again in huge hope, dh's annual bonus. I can't hold my breath on that one though. Hahaha. I know a loan is being worked on. LOAN is an important word as we have been told and researched out the adoption tax credit so that is a huge relief that the loan we take out is paid off in a few years time instead of 5 or 6 years.

So speaking of a yard sale. If you know of anyone that is cleaning out their house of things(not total junk) that I might take off their hands to put in my yard sale (computer equipment in working order, working electronics, tools), let me know and I will be glad to come pick them up. Gosh, that sounds like I am begging again, but damn it, I have to find ways to build our adoption fund.

35.00 is the Adoption fund balance today. LOL

(sw, I hope you got my email. I go back to the doc on the 3rd and will discuss the surrogacy issues with him and your info about the surrogacy stuff. I hope your baby is growing strong and I hope you can give me an update on HER! )


Anonymous said...

Are you going to keep the journal name the same or change it to something adoption related?

tubelessstl said...

very very good question. Funny you mention this now because I have been trying to decide if I will just leave this blog and go else where to start a blog towards adoption.

We are not completely sure if we are ever done ttc so if I could change the name to something related to both our option of surrogacy and adoptoin maybe I could title it for something along that ling...

What name would you suggest for a page title and blog title? I am open for suggestions from everyone.

tubelessstl said...

Oh... Oh oh... I found a way to change my site address without losing this blog WOW... Ok now you all really have to help me find a new url blog title. LOL

Mae Midwest said...

How about something involving the word, "family." Something that suggests you are working on a family or adding to the family or something like that?

Mae Midwest said...

Dont forget you are welcome to come by on Saturday evening!