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Monday, December 26, 2005

adoptive bf

I talked to DH a few weeks back about the idea of adoptive breastfeeding and I got a very positive reaction from him. I feel encouraged to am doing lots of research on this subject.

I have to book my ob/gyn appointment for March/April 2006 and will talk to my doc about adoptive breastfeeding. I really hope he can give me encouraging news on this subject and much support! I am lactating currently if I try and express manually. I hope I can keep that up and then add in an adoptive breastfeeding protocol to bring on a higher production rate with herbal/medication and pumping inductions. I have several sites bookmarked for help on this protocol. Many very encouraging words from others out ther. Thanks!

Xmas was great, but I think I am catching a cold. yuck.

One issue with my family on the adoption front and their issues with the AA race, but DH reminded me that HE and I are first in this family and if the extended family (including direct relatives or others) act with assvice about biracial adoptions, then they will be cut out of our lives. Yes, I mean immediate family too!

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