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Saturday, December 10, 2005

ahhh, only 4 more winks

U2 concert is Wednesday night. 4 more winks until the show.

Btw, if you have Directv, channel 124 is showing the Chicago U2 concert this whole month. There are other shows on there olike the Bacon Brothers, Bonnie Rait, and maybe one other but the U2 concert is the Highlight this month! Very nice.

How Long Can We sing this Song. How long, How long....


Guyot said...

We'll be at the U2 concert as well. You'll have a blast.

You should go back and look at my comment to your blog toward the end of June.

Know that there are people out there that you've never met and probably never will, who are praying for you guys every day, and hoping for the very best.

You definitely have angels (9+) watching over you.

tubelessstl said...

thanks guyot. I hope to one day post a post about the GOTTCHA day of our placement of our child in our arms. That will be the most exciting post yet on this blog. I have thought of revamping the title on this blog, but truth be told, I am tubeless due to 2 different ectopic pregnancies and will now move onto adoption due to a birth defect I had in the uterus when born. The septum I was born with was removed by the fertility docs but has proven that we are unable to carry a pregnancy due to the mass bleeding from the removal of the septum. In hindsight, I wish we had left the septum there, but I know it was the best thing to do at the time.

In the aspect of less stress (you mentioned in the reply you made in June), I am able to do meditation and relax, I am able to attend a Destressing support group in town for relaxing and venting my frustrations out and I have a wonderful therapist that can help us stay less stressed in our approach to beginning our journey to adoption.

I really appreciate your support. Thank you so much for keeping up with us and please do check back for updates. I hope to begin our adoptioin journey in the next 6-10 months. God Willing.