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Monday, April 12, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: Friends who "GET IT"

In the land of IF/adoption: these are my some of my close friends who really GET IT!

We have traveled so many roads together and I would do anything for them!

at one time or another, we all crossed paths in the local if support group and remain friends. The oldest children from the group are now going on 6.


kelly said...

That is an awesome picture. Just looking at that, it doesn't seem all that long ago that once we were all struggling to reach the same goal, and then, little did we know that one day we would all struggle in good ways to meet the roles of Parents of the Children we were so blessed to have.

Thanks for Sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great minds definitely think alike, don't they? I mean we?

Friends like this make the hard stuff easier and the good stuff funner.

Jennifer said...

Such a great photo! It's amazing that we have all gone through the same thing and we have all been blessed. I know we all thought we would never hear the word "mommy" and now look at us! I love it! I'm so glad to know and have met each one of you!