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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mehlville Baby Mania sale May 1, 2010

I made it official a few weeks back, I am a seller/vendor in the Mehlville High School MOMS Baby Mania sale. sites 29 - 32. Actually my sister and I are sharing 2 selling spaces.

Ahhhh, I have been organizing all of Julia's outgrown items to price, hang and fold. Now I have to work on what to price them at. I have been organizing the 2 and 3 (etc..) piece outfits on hangers along with coats and dresses, but most of the other clothes will be on tables and toys on the ground. I sure hope it does not rain! We will have awnings, but if is it windy, we are in trouble. I also have a foll of plastic to cover tables if it does decide to rain on us. The event is Rain or Shine!

I am not an organized person for the most part so I am paying for having just boxed up these outgrown items and put the toys in bags without some sort of sizing to each bag/box. Fun.

now to get to the pricing. I am so not ready to do this. I am not sure if I should do a poster with pricing chart or if I should go and price each piece. heck, I think the poster will have to due since I am running out of time. next year I'll be more organized for this sale.

I hope to make at least a few hundred dollars to help buy her next years wardrobe and toys. That is my goal.

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