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Monday, April 05, 2010

march 28 - April 5 updates milestone and freebies

Julia has been having up and down days with potty training, but since last week (we went camping) she has been doing a great job. We took her potty chair camping with us and started a reward system of 1 m&m for peepee and 2 m&m's for #2. Well as of last night she got 2 m&m's for the first time. She really did go #2 on the potty all by herself. Today, as I sat in the living room, she brought me her potty chair insert and showed me her second successful 2 m&m potty trip. YES! She is getting this concept down.

Our friend Ms. Kelly had given us a Dora sticker poster for potty training so we started using that with today's successful trip for 2 m&m's! hehe She loves stickers and loves seeing her progress on the chart so I'll stick with that for a while.

Next shopping trip will consist of BIG GIRL underwear for Ms. Julia! I'll let her pick out the pack she loves. I can't wait. What a huge milestone for us. I need to buy more diapers as we are down to the last pack, but yet I don't want to buy more because if she is really potty trained in a week or maybe two weeks from now, We will be done with them! No more coupon cutting for huggies diapers then. AHHHHHH, that thought alone makes me smile a mile wide!

Freebies this past week.
-Uniball pen
-Stride gum (along with a nice coupon)
-two different packs of 2 diapers from Costco(hey, that helps me in not wanting to buy more diapers for her. Hahahaha).
-Free Kiwi magazine
-free sample of post it page tabs

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kelly said...

I am glad Julia is doiong so well, sometimes they are ready and sometimes they just arent, soundlike she is ready. The girls still wear pull up's at night, and for a long time we made them wear pull-ups when we went out, as using a public potty will be another transition, but every sucessful day at home is GREAT...it took the girls about a mmonth before they would try public tolites......go julia.