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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I cried like a baby

Ok, I'll admit it here (and I still have not told hubby);

Today, when I was walking the dirty laundry downstairs, I smashed my fingers on my right hand against the door jam. I instantly cried a loud yelp and the tears started flowing. Hubby didn't hear my yelping wail because he was being a good husband and was upstairs vacuuming the first floor. LOL. I had tears streaming down my face and it caught the attention of our daughter, who was tagging behind me to help me change the laundry loads. She instantly kissed me on the hip in concern of my wailing. I stood there by the washer and just let the tears stream and gave a few more hardy yelps out again. It was relieving. My fingers hurt, but they are ok now. I just hate it when I do stupid stuff like that.

Sometimes I just keep these little things to myself. I am accident prone and gave up on looking for sympathy from others when I hurt myself. I was being the good wifey and doing the laundry, yet I get hurt on my way down there. Not fair so I felt it was a good relieving cry.

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Anonymous said...

so glad i'm not the only one. i get so frustrated when my kids spill drink after drink and then when i trip and do the same thing or smash my fingers or toes i burst our sobbing. maybe i have too much pent up emotion.