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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

surrogacy and jumping into a new homestudy

Yes, surrogacy is heavy on my mind tonight. We have one frozen ebryo left in the cryolab at MoBap with Dr. Wilbois. He is one of maybe two doctors in town that will consider doing surrogacy cycles as long as you have the embies and you have a surrogate and you have the legalities all tied up. See, I don't have a uterus any longer (after 9 babies in heaven) so I can't carry one. I can produce eggs for embies, but that is another story. So the one lone embie is waiting, frozen, for us to come put it back into a warm receptive uterus, just not mine. Do you know of anyone that has had a friend or family become their surrogate? I don't (well, most are 40 and above and not sure they would want to or be able to help us in that way.

Next step while waiting to figure out the surrogacy link....

I called the local social worker today to send me a packet for an independent home study process. See, we let our last home study we used with adopting Julia expire. So we have to start from scratch. Finger prints, physicals, lots of paper work and a new profile of us as a family of 3.

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Anonymous said...

Oh starting from scratch will not be fun. Sorry girl.

Surrogacy...something I contemplate as well.