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Monday, June 08, 2009

Taking the big plunge .. again .... home study bound .... for number two

Yes, we are thinking of staring our home study process to adopt again.

Ahhhhh, the stir of emotions. A phone call tonight provoked us to dive into this seriously. We were thinking we would start the process again in a few months time, but after a call we got tonight to see if we had an updated "family" profile to potentially show to a situation with our original agency from 2006, we got excited, but decided to pass at this moment. To some it might bring heart aches if they pass on situations, but we are honestly not ready. We have to start the home study from scratch because we basically let it "expire".

We have decided there is no better time than now to start the home study process over again. Heck, it will take at least 2 months to gather the paperwork, get physicals for all 3 of us, finger prints, etc.... so that will bring us to the later part of summer so we will then get back into the process of looking for potential matches after we complete a picture profile to the perspective birthparents to review to see if they would like to select us as a family to become adoptive parents to their child. Bring a sibling home for Julia. Grow our family as we have always dreamed of and continue to enjoy motherhood and fatherhood. Loving, Smiling, laughing, teaching and hugging each moment in live as we grow with our children.

Ahhhhhhhh.... Just had to share this with you all tonight. Thanks for listening.


JESSICA said...

Congrats. Keep me posted on how it is going.

Michelle said...

oh how very exciting!! Let the paperwork begin!!