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Friday, June 05, 2009

1 2 3 ... ready set go

those are the fun sayings my daughter has picked up. ONNNNEEEE.... TWOOOOOOO... THREEEEE....... and she also said REd, Seetttt, GOOOOOO. We need to work on that word "Ready". LOL

Do you have lots of plans for this weekend? We were suppose to go camping, but a childhood friend of DH's passed away and he went to the wake tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. So we are not camping again until July. Wahhhhhhh!

Going to get my coupons ready. Kmart is having a double coupon week next week plus I have my 5.00 off any purchase of 50 or more (diapers, people, diapers!! ) so that is a great bargain. I think the double is up to 2.00 so if you have a 2.00 off diapers, it becomes 4.00 off. Yipppeeee.

We are meeting a friend and her son (adopted through the same agency as Julia) at the park tomorrow to play in the water fountains. FUN. I can't wait to see them. Then I think we will come back home, nap, then swim in our pool. Ahhhh, summer is here.

Speaking of summer, I can't believe that when I was a child until I was 19 and moved out, I never had air conditioning in my house. Only a window air conditioner in one room. We lived with the pool open and a huge attic fan that kept us cool in the summer. Did you have air conditioning when you grew up? It is a luxury I am thankful for each day we have it on. Meantime, as in today, the air is off and the windows open with lots of fans going. Ahhh, beautiful weather.

Hoping you all have a beautiful weekend.

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