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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

First of all, to all of you, like myself, who have lost their father to heaven, I send a special Happy Fathers Day to those dads. I visited the gravesite of my dad yesterday. I know he was not a flower type of guy, but I just had to put something out there for him. If I could afford it, I would have put a fishing pole and cooler of beer at his grave for him to enjoy. LOL He would have loved going to the fishing reserves out in St. Charles for his Fathers Day gift. Or he would have loved to be camping and sitting in the river with his umbrella over his chair watching the drunk idiots float by. Dad, I promise I'll do that for you this summer.

It has been what seems like ages since we lost him to cancer, but I still go talk to him ever once in a while and ask him to watch over us. Don't get upset that I have taken this picture. Sure, seems morbid to some, but I love going to his grave and sitting there to talk to him. Yes, I took a picture of his grave after I placed his flowers. I wanted to show Julia where pawpaw is.

To my loving husband and wonderful daddy to our daughter, Julia, I love you and keep up the great work, Daddy!!! We waited for nearly 8 years to have a baby. I am sorry I could not bare one for you, but thankfully through the blessing of adoption, I have seen you become the daddy I knew you would always be. Julia runs through the house yelling "Daddio" and wants you to pick her up and tickle her so much until she starts her hiccups. That is what makes it all worth ever bet of the waiting we went through to become parents. Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to her and hubby to me!

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