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Sunday, July 05, 2009

praying hard for my friend with cancer

I gained an everlasting friendship through our local infertility support group a few years back. That friend has just found out she has bone cancer. She is surviving 9 years of breast cancer and now this. ARRGGHHHHHH. I HATE CANCER. I FUCKING HATE IT.

I am holding her hand and being there for her as much as possible. Tonight, she asked me to just make a movie night for her and I. YOU BET I will. Next week will be rough for her and I hope to be there for her when she need to go laugh it up at a movie of her choice.

I told her tonight. Friends like you are precious and few. It is a saying I have seen throughout my life and it applies so much to our friendship over these few years and MANY MORE TO COME.

K, I love you girl, don't let your chin fall, if you feel it falling, let me pick it up and hold you through this.

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