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Sunday, May 31, 2009

this stomach bug / head cold crud better stay away

After being sick Wednesday and Thursday with a bad intestinal thing, my sister (our daughters sitter) and our daughter were both feeling bad on Friday. So I was home again with her. She was feeling much better Saturday, but today she has either bad hayfever or she has a head cold coming on. Ugh. I so hate these seasonal things going around. I am praying she is feeling better in the morning. I can't take off work and hubby does not get paid if he has to stay home with her. Yikes. We don't have very many backup options so we will see in the morning what happens. I hope you are all feeling well.

Here are a few pictures from our play time in the Tower Grove Park water park area. We went to the Farmers Market and then played in the water for nearly 2 hours. Well, it was mostly water time, otherwise she was insisting on swinging too!


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No Minimom said...

Cute suit! I wish it came in my size. ;-)