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Saturday, May 23, 2009

ahhh, the savings.

Coupons are a challenge I have come to like. I want to cover my taxes and then some for each time I go to the store. Today, I did that.

I went to target today with a list of items a mile long (well, the swimming suites for Julia and I weren't really on the original list, but I could not pass them up). After all said and done, I saved 47.03 with in-store promotional sales and coupons. My taxes were 16.99. My actual coupons total savings were 19.29. Now that is what I call a bargain.


JESSICA said...

Just wondering if you have an email where I could email you some questions. I have read your blog for about a year. A friend of mine had a link from her blog to yours and I have been following. My husband and I live in California,MO and are considering adoption. I really appreciate your caring loving words that you write.

tubelessstl said...

Jessica, Sure, Please email me at twogoots @ yahoo (dot) com (minus the spaces and put a real dot). LOL I'd be glad to chat about anything on your mind.