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Sunday, May 03, 2009

19 month update and random thoughts and milestones

yes, this post will be all over the place.

Monday, last week, Julia turned 19 months old. I keep thinking to myself that it truly can't be that long since I saw her coming into this world. Yes, I saw her take her first breath and believe me, when I go back and think about it, what a blessing it was to be there. I thank her birthmother every day in my thoughts for these wonderful moments I can relive.

19 months brings us to a very energetic, yet very inquisitive time in our lives. I do mean all of our lives. She keeps us on our toes with trying to outwit, outlast and outplay us all, including her baby-sitter (her aunt). LOL Yes, she is a survivor and plays the game very well. This past few weeks she has been working on breaking in her eye-canine teeth. She has been very cranky through it all and drooling again like she was when she was 4-10 months old. WOW... reliving slobber drool soaked clothes on her and I is fun. NOT. LOL She won't wear a bib like she did back then so she stands a good chance of having a soak shirt or two each day.

Time out is working so well that when she gets into trouble, I only have to ask her to go to time out and she does. She puts herself in time out. WOW... we are really working on explaining reasons for avoiding time out in the future and understanding the consequences of it once she finishes her one minute in time out. Tonight, after she went into time out for having hit her for no reason at all, I walked her over to hannah and asked her to apologize to hannah and she did. Ahhhh, it is working.

The vocabulary is blossoming so fast I can't keep up. She repeats everything, thus DH and I are really really trying hard to avoid the curse words. LOL. She also has picked up some lovely spanish from Dora and Boots. Fun. Her favorite word to say in spanish is "open". In Spanish it is ABRA, but Julia puts a little twist on it. LOL Sounds more like abuela (which means grandma). LOL, but we can tell she means open.

I have not posted much on the adoption side of our lives because, honestly, it has been a raw spot for me. I think DH is dealing with it better than I am. We are so greatful for Julia in our lives and blessed, don't get me wrong. Living with having lost contact with her birthmother has been my rough spot with talking about things here. I can't password protect my posts so I just don't post. See, a few weeks back, we got a call from Julia's birthsister and let me tell you it really stirred some emotions in me that I never really expected. Knowing she reached out to Julia and us is so touching (she is so young too, but understands that she has a birthsister in Julia), yet it really makes me ache with possibly what her birthmother is dealing with these days emotionally in the aftermath of placing her daughter for adoption. We have a semi-open adoption now, no contact with Julia's birthmother , but now her birthsister has, out of the blue, called and talked to us and asked how Julia is. We of course asked her how she and her brother are (julia's birthbrother) and she said all is well and even asked if she can send us a picture of herself. YES!!! I'll even send a stamped envelope for her to send it to us. I really hope we can see them one day again in person. Meantime, I am putting together the 1 year letter that was already written, another letter and many pictures again since then. I will get a photo book to put them in and send them off for Mothers Day and Birth Mothers Day this coming weekend. We told Julia's birthsister to call us any day, night she wants!!

Happy Birthdmothers Day to all of the birthmothers out there.

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