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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quotes of the week

This is what dear daughter said last night when we were all out front playing in the grass and running after each other to tickle each other.... after tickling daddy, he laughed and then she said "That's So FUNNY!". Bahahaha, my 19 month old said that as clear as day. WOW.. Them are some big words to be putting together. I love it. She has been saying 3 and 4 words together for the last few weeks.

This week she has another canine tooth coming in so she was very fussy tonight and threw a book at me, hitting me. This called for a time out and I had to hold my laughter mixed with of the moment anger when she kept laughing at me when I would put her into time out. WOW. this is a defiant girl and I think she takes after her 3 yr old cousin on part of it, transitioning at the babysitters because part of the adult attention is now focus on the new 3.5 month old boy in care. LOL Oh that change was expected. And her new adjusted bed time with a different wake up routine since she was born. WOW. So much going on so the acting out is not of much surprise in some ways, but the hitting and spitting has got to stop.

I can't wait for a long weekend to spend with her. Then camping a few weeks later and we can get in the river. YEAH! Oh and our pool is about to open so I am going to start her swim lessons in my back yard since I have not taken her back to the ymca again.


Anonymous said...

The 2 year old I nanny for is definitely going through a transition phase as well...fun stuff....

Maricris Zen Mama said...

This reminds me of good ole days with my now 5 year old. You wait when she starts injecting toddler logic on you! That would be awesome-r! he he