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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

baby mania sale, tillis park playground?, grants farm 2009

Don't forget, Mehlville high school is having the baby mania sale this weekend. Saturday 8 am - 12 pm. I am making my list of things I need to find for Ms. Julia, who is growing out of her 18 month sizes at now 19 months of age.

Does anyone know why Tillis Park at McKnight and Litzsinger has the playground closed? it was roped off with yellow "police/caution" tape this afternoon when I drove by there. I have never taken Julia there so I drove into the park to see how "good" the playground was and it was closed. Hummmmm. Let me know if you have heard why and when it will reopen.

Grants Farm 2009. I bought a season parking pass. $40.00. Well worth it. Julia REALLY enjoyed it, we did too. The Goats were a great experience for her and it really brought back all the fun memories of when I was younger and got to feed the goats. Oh and the Llama too!

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