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Saturday, July 07, 2007

beautiful Sunshine

What a nice day, hot yes, but perfect day to finally get the pool open. See, this pool of ours is 15 years old. Above ground. Rusted by the input valve on the side wall. So we had to hire a guy to put some sheet metal riveted to the side wall of the pool (can't afford to pay for a new pool this year with all the adoption costs) and finally I helped DH open the pool. It took near 24 hours to fill up the 15' round 4' deep pool. That my folks is a lot of water. We had to fix the spot that rusted or else we would have had to take the pool downIdidn't want the pool to bust open and take out the neighbors fence). We did not want a spot in our yard without a pool because our deck is built up around it. So now that the pool is fixed and filled and the new ladybug vacuum is cleaning it up, we will be able to swim in it tomorrow. DH got in it today because he had to get the vacuum set up, but he did not mind it so much since it was so hot. Nice way to cool off. (older picture above, but an idea of what the ancient pool looks like)

I have picked the first of my tomatoes. 2 so far. Nice beefsteak tomatoes. I have another ready to pick later this week and the grape tomatoes are getting bigger, yet a few weeks away from picking. My cucumbers are around the size 2" long. I can't wait to pick them. No green peppers. Looks like I won't have any. I had buds, but now no green peppers growing. Dang. I was looking forward to those. Plus DH is on a beef pepper steak kick and there is nothing better than home picked green peppers. Been a few years since I was able to produce any and looks like this year is going to be the same. Shoot.

The puppies were having fun tonight in the backyard. I had the hose fresh out of the pool and was watering the tomato plants and cucumber plants and sadie the pup was insisting on interfering by snapping at the water flow out of the house. She is a total water dog. I can't wait to get her in the river when we go camping again soon. Last time we went the river was too cold for me to get in with her, but she dove in and even layed down in the water. Now with it as hot as it is, I will slap on some good sunscreen and get in the river with her. Hannah and Lindsey are both water dogs too, but don't have as much fun playing like Sadie does. Ha. I plan on setting up my umbrella, water chair and filling up my glass with some margarita and watching the dumparse drunks float down the river. Yes it is a blast to do that.

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