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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This year rings in with a fun filled work

week. Crammed full of exciting things to do and fix and create for those that need my help. I am, after all, the jack of all trades. I do a little of it all. Name it, I bet I do it. Go ahead and name something in the office and ask if I do it or something closely related to it. I Got A much appreciated back up from the boss today when I was working on a nearly 4 hour error fixing problem for another department. My bosses actions were not harsh to me as he knows the person the request for fix was coming from. Kinda diffused the problem or Mounting tension, know what I mean. Thanks boxx.

I went to bedbath&beyond tonight to buy some of those sheet straps .. they hold the corners of the sheet to the bed not allowing them to slid off ever move you make on the bed... AND NO not that kinda moving .. Bah
One of the packets did not have the advertised 4 straps in it so I called the company and this VERY PEPPY lady we will call J got on the phone to tell me it was really ok and that all I needed to bring back in was the package (to show proof that the package had been taped up by the store employee incorectly(most likely a returned item)) and my receipt back and I can get 2 replacement straps for my sheets. THANK GOODNESS becase last night DH and I both had problems with our corners of the sheets and matterss pas popping off the corners all night long. Felt funny to have all of it bunched up around the edge of the pillow and feet.

I have book 3 babysitting days in the next 2 weeks and possibly more coming up at the end of the month. I can't wait to be reintroduced to Ms.BOO via Mae Saturday. Mae and the Rev want to go spend some time with baby Av in the NICU so I am looking forward to spending a few FUN FILLED hours with Ms Boo. I am sure she will entertain us both and I can't wait to here how her world of growing up is. MAE Call me!

Ebay is doing well stil. Hard work making these baby bottle holders, but good reviews and feedback on them so far. Nice. My mommy should be very proud.. she put hard work into helping me set this all up.

Ok, going to bed a little early tonight due to challenging myself to NO CAFFEINE today and I did it. Ummm, can you now say FREAKIN' CAFFEINE HEADACHES? DH has one also. Hopefully sleep will bring a lighter pain or no pain.

Blessings and prayers to all my friends, family, etc.. I love you all.

Ok, I better go, this sleeping pill is really making me sappy. bah

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Anonymous said...

the rev?? is her hubby a reverand now or is that just a nickname??