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Saturday, January 06, 2007

hello? Can you hear me?

if not, then you are not the only one. I am voiceless right now. I came down with a nasty sinus infection and it has turned into a very bad sore throat and now the doc said bronchitis. I went yesterday afternoon and he checked me over. I am coughing like a barking dog so he prescribed me a nice cough medicine with vicodin for the pain I am getting in my chest/ lungs and now ribs and back from coughing so much. Then he prescribed me bioxen for an anti-biotic to help clear up this infections I have. Between all that I have managed to lose my voice. My friend called me last night to check on me and could not believe I sounded so different, well 2 hours later my voice was gone. Now I make noise, but it sounds like I am straining so hard to even make a word come out. I hate being sick. I have not gotten sick like this in over 6 years. I take lots of vitamins, but they won't stop a sinus infection like this that almost always turned into bronchial problems. I have not lost my voice since high school like this either.

I had to cancel with babysitting last night and today, but both of them understood. I hope they were able to get out an enjoy anyway. Mae, I am praying that you got to go up and see new baby A today. I feel bad I could not help out, but I did not want to expose you to any of this crap I have and then not be able to go be with A. Thanks for understanding.

Me and 3 doggies are cough potatoes today. It looks like a great day outside, but my butt is not going anywhere. DH is at the bowling alley getting instuctions so he can bowl better. Good luck on that. I think he actually went there to get his bowling ball redrilled.

DH bought a new dvd to watch tonight. Taladega Nights. I hope it is good and funny. I watched The Chronicals of Narnia last weekend and loved it. I am going to try and watch more movies this year. I use to make a list of movies that would come out on tape(you know VHS tapes, don't you remember when those were popular) or dvd now and try to watch them but never got around to more than 1/2 of the list. Well I am keeping my list simple and payperview busy with recent releases. What better to do when you are sick? Watching a good movie sure helps pass the time. WHat is your favorite movie that just came out on DVD or ppv?

Gotta put the Christmas decor way tomorrow. Just not up for doing it today.

Thank goodness it is the weekend and I can work on getting better physically before I go back to work Monday. I don't want to use any vacation this early in the year plus I need to save as much vacation time for WHEN WE GET A MATCH in the adoption front.

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DMgirl said...

Hope you feel better soon! Oh, and I hope he gets some great instructions! Tuesday is our "bowl off!"