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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Spending time

Time: it can be something that either drags along or goes in a whirlwind so fast that if you blink you miss the fun in it all.

For now, time is passing slow. Time tends to bring me to a point of way too much thinking, too many minutes to say "What if". I am staying positive that we will be parents sooner or later. Hopefully sooner than later.

I am mailing off a check Monday for The ABC's of Adoption seminar in March. DH and I are both going. I just ordered this book from Amazon this past week to read and then pass to family members (DH included). The book was recommended to me from the adoption support group leader.

I need to call the agency and ask them about what we need to do to prep to renew our homestudy. We were Homestudy approved on March 22nd, 2006. We must renew our homestudy each year while waiting. I can't believe so much time has passed since we were approved, honestly it does not seem like it has been that long. Thankfully! I am excited to think that 2007 really can bring us our dreams come true, a blessing of a baby in arms. A new dynamic to our family.

Are you ready for some winter weather? Hopefully we will get the lesser of 4-6 inches of snow predicted..LOL

Have I mentioned that I suffer from really bad chapped lips? I pick and pick at them when they are chapped that I end up with sores on them, so raw. Well I think I have found a near cure. Neosporin LT. My co-worker gave me one of this little sample packets, you know, the kind you find in a sample box at the local workout gym etc... well after just 2 days of use I swear my lips have healed about 95% of the way. I went to the local corner (BIG) drug store and found an applicator/stick to use and I have it with me everywhere I go. I will probably become a person that has to create an online support group of NLT(neosporin Lip Treatment) addicts. Bah... I was an addict with burts bees wax lip balm.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Neosporin too....
try scrubbing your lips with sugar (mixed with a little water) then putting the Neosporin on. It exfoliates all that dead skin and promotes new...also makes your lips nice and pink for a little while!

If you use olive oil and sugar it works great too - but doesn't taste great.