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Friday, December 08, 2006


between the weight loss stall and my mental and emotional stall, I am so not in the Christmas spirit. Not one bit. DH forced me to put up and decorate the treeIno he really did not hurt me physically, but he decorated downstairs himself so I had no choice but to decorate upstairs incase guests show up unannounced.. HA), but I have refused to decorate the outside of the house yet and thanks to the ice storm and ripped up gutter I have managed to postpone that task too. HAHAHA. LOL I am just not ready for the Holiday. I have exchange names to buy for, 5 nieces and 3 nephews to buy for, DH's mom, my mom and her bf, work exchange to buy or make something for by this coming Wednesday and MAYBE something for DH. Well, maybe not for DH. See, he went out a few weeks back and got his flatscreen HD TV for the basement. THAT, my friends, WAS his early Christmas gift. I won't be buying much else for him. REALLY maybe another 20.00 in stuff, but he said that was ok.

I need to get my butt in gear and get things organized and bought. I managed to list several baby bottle holders my mom makes (wanna see the link to the items? ) and those sales end on Sunday. I have to file a NONpaying bidder complaint with Ebay on one item. Why must there be people out there like that? They say, "Oh I will send you a money order" but it never arrives. Go figure. Looks like a bad mark on them for a nonpayer. Not good on ebay.

One thing I will have fun doing tomorrow on my day off is getting my mop of a head of hair cut. Just in time for the Festivities to happen. I babysit tomorrow night and then I have a FUN party to go to Saturday night so my new do will help get me in the spirit of the season I think.

Day off work is a good thing. I had to burn up a few days since the adotion fell through and I was saving my days up for when we needed to travel, but currently I am planning on spending tomorrow off work and next Thur & Friday off and then the two days off after the 25th. I then get to carry over a 1/2 day of work into 2007. My work won't let me off the full week between Christmas and New year because of end of year bills that need to be paid. I understand and that is part of my job so I will use my future days for camping in 2007 instead. FUN.

DH already booked camping dates for APril 2007. hehe

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