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Saturday, December 30, 2006

hounding the insurance paid off

back a few weeks ago I posted the picture of our gutter that was ripped off in the ice storm we had. DH put a claim in with our insurance full well knowing we have a $500.00 deductible. About 2 weeks later we got an adjuster to come out (while we were at work) and assess the damage. Since we were not there he could not get into our yard. Well actually they sent him out to look at the damage without setting up an appointment with us to let him in our yard through the house. The gutter was blocking the gate on the side of the house where most of the damage was behind. We got a whopping $36.88 check (again remember that we had a $500.00 deduct) for the difference in damages. I could not believe it. DH then talked to the adjuster and asked him how the hell he assessed the damage without entering the yard. The adjuster admitted the did his valuation from the FRONT of our house. Now from the front of the house is about 60-70 feet long to the back and due to the way the gutter came off you could not see the damage from the FRONT of the house. So I promptly got on the phone with my agents assistant just after Christmas and told her I was going to get 2-4 other estimates because I am not a fool to accept that there was only $536.88 worth of damage. I tried to call 4 roofing/gutter companies and they are all 6-8 weeks booked out to even do estimates. I then called the agents assistant back and told her to send out another adjuster this week. Thankfully DH was home so they met Thursday here at our house and DH let him in back and showed him the West side of the building gutter to prove it was damaged too. Today, Saturday, we just got a call from that new adjuster and they are cutting us another check for 600.00 additionally for damage. So our total claim amount was $1136.88. So we have a check for $36.88 and the next check for $600.00 will be in the mail Monday. YEAH... At least we have a good amount of money to hire someone to finally fix this gutter. Heck it might be until Spring before we can get a company out to do this, but at least this is out totally out of our pocket for this claim. Persistance and hounding pays off.

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Anonymous said...

Good 4 U to push that issue!!! But just so you know...there will not be any mail service until Wednesday, Monday being a holiday and then Tuesday being a holiday due to President Ford dying....but at least your getting some cash out of the deal to get things fixed.

Happy New Year my dear!!!