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Saturday, December 23, 2006

ok, I can't pry myself off the couch

procrastination is my middle name and let me tell you I hate it. I hate that I procrastinate like this. I have my shopping done, but now I have to wrap.

I have 5 nieces, 3 nephews bought for. My mom is taken care of and her boyfriend(thanks to my Sister). My MIL is dh's responsibility and he tried to get her gc today, but the gc network was down for several major companies today so DH has to go out tomorrow to buy her gc. Oh and I bought my bil's girlfriends name exchange item(nice perfume). I have all of those items sitting on my dining room table just calling my name. Calling me to come wrap them. I will do it, but not tonight. Too lazy. Bah.

Have I ever told you I was a professional gift wrapper? Yup, at a major department store. I did year round wrapping and two times during the year it gets beyond busy. Mothers day and Christmas. I loved wrapping things. No matter what size they were we had a system set up to be able to wrap efficiently and quickly. Have you ever made a professional bow? If not, hire me. I can make them.

Some of the paper the company used for wrapping patterns was hideous. Downright trashy looking... but we dressed it up with a nice looking bow and made the wrapping salvageable. They always had these little items to add to the bow as a highlight, but many people did not want them because they were even more hideous than some of the paper we had to use. At Christmas time those items were ornaments that could be hung on the tree that we tied into the bow...It is expensive to have items like this professionally wrapped, but let me tell you there are still people out there willing to pay. There were priced by size of the box and we had even charged 1.50 extra per item if it was from another store. Oh and we had to verify receipts of purchase in order to wrap those items so we were not wrapping a stolen item. LOL Yup we could refuse if they would not show proof of purchase.

Oh, DH mentioned we did not get any christmas gifts for the doggies and kitty. Well I guess I will be going to the store tomorrow again now. LOL

Oh.. and if you wonder... I did buy DH a few things, but he got himself a nice new tv a month or so back so that is his Christmas gift to him from me and him. Ha

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