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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bring on the New Year and .....

Joyful days for many.

Congrats to the Mae Midwest family on their new addition. Hard fought pregnancy brings .Next baby on board.

AND good luck to you all out there trying for baby #1 and 2 through treatments. I know how it is for baby #1 and if you ever need to chat, email me anytime.

Ebay is picking up. I need to sit down tonight and package up several of the items I sold on Buy It Now yesterday. I also have to fix a problem I had with a pillow we made that has a hole in it accidentally that I sold on there. I contacted the buyer and offered full money back or that we can make her another pillow, i hope she accepts the remake. So far in 2 weeks time I have managed to add about 150.00 to our adoption Fund. Thank you MOM!

Christmas was good to me. I got a 1gb flash drive. Nice, Now I can upload pictures so easily and bring them to work to share and move files around on the 3 pc's I have at home without fuss. Thanks DH.

I got an MP3 player. Now I need to learn how to fill it with songs. FUN. DH said he will show me tonight. Then I can get my butt walking at lunch at work so I can keep dropping the pounds away. Stalled at 6.8 lbs lost so far since late November. Still not too bad of a weight loss in the HOLIDAY season if you know what I mean. (COOKIES)

Going today to buy a new mattress for the bedroom. I sat down the other night and realized our double pillow top mattress is nearly 11 years old. OMG.. no wonder DH and I both wake up complaining of sore backs and especially my hips and shoulders. WOW.. can't wait to get it home. This means I will also go buy some much needed new sheets for the bed. When you buy a king sized mattress, regular king sized sheets are ok, but when you buy a double pillow top it does not fit the king fitted sheets so well.. they tend to pop off on the corners. So I need to buy those silly bedsheet straps.. You know, the kind that look like a old mans sock to shirt tail strap to hold his shirt tail down in the pants? Anyway.. I hear that we can get the mattress at a 1 year no payment plan thus we can pay it off in full with our small tax refund we hope to get this year. Ahhhh, thus No payments and no interest will accumulate if paid in full by that one year mark. I refuse to let it go over 1 year. NO MORE credit card purchases. NON.. NADA. And DH is on that kick too. Nice to have them paid off.

Ok, off to go shop for that lovely mattress.

I must return to work tomorrow after a long weekend. FUN I do AP/AR at work and they must all be done by Friday. New transitions at work are going well. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

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Anonymous said...

I got a flash drive, too and I LOVE it. It's so small and it can hold all my pictures without taking up space on my computer. The best part is that I can take it with me!

A new mattress will make all the difference in the world to your sore backs. :)