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Saturday, December 02, 2006

3 weeks 6.2 lbs

I am the proud loser.

3 weeks of weight watchers and I have managed to lose 6.2 pounds. I am happy with that. I am looking forward to a good week ahead of sticking to eating my ww's meals and watching my points. I did not do that so well from Thanksgiving day until wednesday this past week.

It helps so much to buy foods for my ww's meals and divide them up in baggies. I have cauliflower and celery cut up in baggies and then I made ff dip again this week. I love those to eat with my usual ww's microwave meal. I eat yogurt for breakfast and then dinner is usually a light meal of some sort. Or even another ww's meal if I am too lazy to cook or DH is not home. LOL

I missed going to the meeting today because I volunteered (paid of course) to work overtime in our roadside call center taking calls due to the TERRIBLE weather conditions in the majority of the states our club services. I will go next week though. I think the meetings for WW's are a great help and boost to know I am not the only one out there struggling to not put that one bad piece of food in my mouth each day.

I wish I had a good movie to watch. Satellite is out because of ice on the dish and the dish being out of correct pointed location. I guess the wind and ice caused the dish to shift so our signal strength is out of wack. DH said they can't come until next Saturday to fix it either. Bummer. Bad thing is that the gutter is getting ready to fall the rest of the way and if it does that then we are totally out of signal because it will most likely pull down the dish cable that goes around the gutter. LOL

DH called the ins company about claiming our gutter loss, but missed the agents office calling back before the weekend started for them. He will try and get hooked up with them Monday and set up the claim. The west side of our house has the gutter and it is bowing pretty bad, I wonder if we will be able to claim them both now.hmmmmm

Cheers to a warm weekend for us all. I hope everyone that lost power gets it back soon. My MIL, Mom, sister and friend all lost their power and two of the 5 have gotten it back so far.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you.....every little bit gets you closer to that goal!!!!

Speaking of crashes from the ice...the gas station by work @ New Ballwin & Manchester - the Metal Roof CRASHED IN yesterday from the ICE....luckily no one was hurt, but there is no way the store will be able to be reopened.....this ICE SUCKS!!!