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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a weekend full of camping and river fun

This past weeekend, we camped at Onondaga State Park and had a blast. The B.U.L.L radio station float trip was this weekend from the ozark outdoor (or whatever it is called) camp site just down and across the river from Onondaga. Several of us campers bring awnings and set up our river chairs and sit on the river all day Saturday of the float and watch the crazy people (drunk and whateverelse they are) float past us. We stood in a line in the current and told them they had 18 miles to go until take out and then splashed them with our hands and water cannons. FUN. Julia played on the banks with her friend Emily and they both befriended a little terrier named Penny. They had so much fun. We made sure we applied the sun block and stayed hydrated. We even cooked hotdogs on a friends gas grill. Fun. Veggie trays, a yummy chicken salad a friend made (with grapes in it, YUMMY! gotta get her recipe) and then I did have a few adult drinks. So much fun.

I am so glad I get to instill in Julia the fun to have while in the outdoors. Next time I promise to bring my bike because all she wanted to do in her free time at the camp site was to ride her bike around. I did walk with her a few times while she rode, but I want to make it a point to get up on the bike and do it myself too. Much needed exercise.

Julia asks when she can go camping again. I love that. I spent so much time growing up camping and doing outdoor activities that I am so glad she is soaking it up now too. I need to make it a point to take more pictures when we camp. I often forget to do that. I will say I did have my camera with us this weekend, but the battery died as the main group of floaters (average of 3200 floaters for that b.u.l.l float trip).

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